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In a nutshell, I am a thirty-something (dear Lord, that was hard to type!), 40+ hours a week working girl, 99% vegetarian, navigating the world one food decision at a time.

My diet and nutrition philosophy is simple:  How does what I eat affect myself and the world around me?  I view food from an ethical standpoint.  Eating is something we do every day – that makes it a powerful tool.  It is also something that is very difficult to change because it is so ingrained in our every day lives.

I have started a journey that will last the rest of my life.  I am learning to eat in a way that: 1. Benefits my body in both health and vanity; 2. Respects the planet; and 3. Causes the least amount of harm to the animals of this planet (both two legged and four).

I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas where the four food groups are tex-mex, barbeque, Frito pie, and beer – not exactly health food.  Luckily, my parents raised me in a home where a vegetable was served at every dinner, cartoons were for TV, not a cereal box, soda was for summer, and just one can a day, and dessert was a rare treat.  I had an introduction to healthy eating, but, being a teenager, and then going off to college, I picked up plenty of bad eating habits.

It wasn’t until I was 27 that I took a step back and realized that I wasn’t treating my body very well….way too much alcohol, sugar, and fat.  While I hadn’t really gained any weight, I was a little “mushy” in places I didn’t want to be and I just felt run down.  I started working out regularly (something I had NEVER done before) and watching what I ate.  I counted my calories for a while, but who wants to live like that?  I’m glad I did it though because it made me realize how much I was (over) eating and how MANY calories were in certain foods – it was the spark I needed to help me begin to retrain the way I ate.  Still, it took me a while to realize that while I was eating less (and looking better!), I still wasn’t optimally healthy.  I needed another “spark” to overhaul my diet completely.

Surprisingly, that spark was the 2008 Presidential election.  I went on vacation in November of 2007 and brought with me a whole bunch of literature on the candidates and their positions on the major campaign issues so I could decide who I would support during the upcoming primaries.  I realized that two very important issues to me were healthcare and the environment.  As I was educating myself on these subjects, I realized that vegetarianism could be a way to “practice what I preach.”  Very simply, a diet high in animal products causes poor health which leads to medical problems and medical bills.  Animals raised for human consumption pollute our air and water and wreak havoc on the land they inhabit.  I could go into great detail, but I will leave that to the the abundance of books and articles already written on the topic.  I have read and will continue to read many of them, so if you would like any recommendations, just let me know!

As a result of my research, in December of 2007, I decided to go vegetarian – cold turkey (no put intended).  I thought it would be hard, but it has been sooooo easy as my convictions are even stronger than I had realized.  Because I was already on a path to healthy eating, I made a conscious effort to not be a “junk food” vegetarian.  When you give up something that had previously been a staple in your diet and are avoiding junk food, you are forced to eat the things that are actually good for you!  I currently eat a plant-based diet with a limited amount of processed food.  I am a firm believer in reading labels – if I can’t pronounce it, it doesn’t belong in my body.  But, when life gets hectic, it’s hard to avoid pre-packaged foods, so I try to limit them to the organic ones found at health food stores.

I have never felt better in my life or had more energy.  I sleep more deeply while sleeping less, I don’t drag in the middle of the day, and I’m much more productive.  In addition, I believe that since my body is getting the nutrients it needs at every meal, I don’t have the constant cravings for “bad” foods anymore, especially sweets.  And when I do choose to eat bad?  Believe me, my body lets me know!  I used to think that feeling heavy and bloated after eating was normal – I figured I just ate too much.  Now, no matter how much I eat of the good stuff, my body gladly absorbs and digests it without complaints.

It’s not hard to imagine that I would begin to think about going vegan.  I know it will be a hard transition.  I am slowly cutting out eggs and dairy and experimenting with vegan cooking.  Maybe veganism will be something I slowly lean into – or maybe I’ll just wake up one day and do it cold turkey, like I did with meat.  It’s a goal, and it’s out there for me to reach…hopefully sooner rather than later!

I wanted to start this blog with Erin, mainly as a way to keep myself in check and communicate with my girl.  I’m not a writer and I’m definitely not a budding chef and I felt like the older “real world” girl wasn’t represented in the blogging community.  I have a career and a somewhat erratic schedule that doesn’t allow me to prepare all my meals at home or workout during the afternoon.  I blog about how I am completely changing my diet and trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle while working full time, running a household (i.e. boring adult responsibilities), and still keeping a social life.  It’s hard, but having this blog and seeing how other bloggers do it has proven invaluable.  If I can provide even an ounce of what I get back from the blogging community, I’ll be happy!


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  1. Posted by Erin on July 14, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    I like the way you think!


  2. Hi Andrea,

    I like your blog, but enjoy your outfit even more. Tag team blogging is definitely the way to go. Anyway, starting on Monday, my boyfriend and I are going meatless for thirty days. As a vegetarian, if you or your readers have any suggestions for us, please check out our new blog and leave us a note.

    Thanks and have a great weekend!


  3. Posted by emily on September 7, 2008 at 11:48 am

    a – i love it! the blog, the reasons why, the story behind your eating…all of it. so impressed that you are doing this! continue! oh, and glad to hear you love wholphin… : )


  4. I’d like to second the “love that outfit” comment! I think 80’s gear might be the best thing ever.


  5. Posted by Jenn on September 15, 2008 at 2:30 pm

    I really enjoyed readin about your journey, cousin. As one of the people raised by the meat & potatoes portion of our family, I’ve noticed that the more i get into my 30’s the healthier I need to eat to feel and look better. Just grovery shopping with you at Whole Foods got me thinking in completely different way about making dinner every night for my family and how I want us all to start eating. I may not give up meat as easily as I’d like, but I’m getting closer to the healthy lifestyle I desire.


  6. Posted by Wendy on September 28, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    A- You rock girlfriend! Keep up the focus and you will continue to be rewarded with health and Happiness!


  7. What the F.


  8. Love the new pic.


  9. […] for $3 y’all!!!), tomatoes, hummus, eggs and waffles.  Oooo, and I got some havarti because Andrea is killing me with all her talk about it 🙂  Plus, it’s my favorite cheese to make a grilled […]


  10. Andrea, I love your blog. I too started eating healthy about 20 years ago and I still keep learning more about the food I eat and how I feel. I really appreciated your thoughts on becoming a vegetarian. My daughter Megan (who you met at Rose’s wedding) is a vegetarian and she always makes the most delicious, healthy meals when I am visiting her. I have really cut down on meat and dairy products. But, now I am thinking I am going to start cutting down even more…not sure if I am ready for 100%…we’ll see. I do know that I too sleep so much better when I have limited my meat intake.
    Thanks for sharing your food consumption. You are an inspiration to me. I love it!
    Take care, Sally

    PS What a day we are having this January 20, 2009! It’s a brand new day and I am so proud of our country. God Bless America!…And all the Democrats that made this happen!


  11. Just found your blog and It’s very funny! Good for you in making a great change in your diet towards a more compassionate one and that’s also better for you and the world! I’ve recently started my own blog after almost 2 years of viewing everyone elses. It’s just nice to be able to say whats on your mind and share recipes with others who understand and to those who some day may also. Keep up the great blog!


  12. Another Fort Worth girl!! yay!


  13. Hi Andrea,

    I can’t find your address. Would you like samples of our Hempspreads?




  14. It’s amazing how we stop craving processed sugar when we get enough nutrient rich fruits and vegetables in our diets!


  15. Love the way you think. Loving the blog. your too cute!


  16. Hey Andrea!

    I love love love your relationship with food and how you live your life! As a person who is recovering from an eating disorder, your words help me realize that there can be balance in life, in eating, and that I don’t need to stress over every morsel of food I put in my mouth. Please don’t ever stop blogging, even when you’re 70!

    Take care, keep killin’ it!



  17. Posted by janie on December 24, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    Hey Andrea,
    Just thought I’d come out of lurkdom to comment that I too enjoy your blog. I think you have awesome taste in food and REALLY ADMIRE YOUR ATTITUDE. 🙂


  18. I loved reading your About and your rationale behind become vegetarian! 🙂


  19. Posted by Cheryl on January 26, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    I love this blog. I have recently considered going Vegan (I am already a vegetarian), and I am interested in these books that you have read on the subject of veganism and the effects of eating an animal based diet. Thanks!!


  20. Love your approach, sounds like we have a lot in common!


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