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Whenever I see Pill-related posts on the blog scene, I know they will spark a lively discussion. I also know that the post and the comments that follow can open a lot of eyes, so thank you to all of you who responded to yesterday’s post!

There were a few points that I didn’t make that I wanted to touch on.

Andrea (from Off Her Cork) summed up my first point in her comment:

“…I’m not going to be too negative on the pill either. Without the pill women would be in a very serious way right now that would not be to their benefit. The pill revolutionized birth control and women finally being able to take charge of their reproduction systems. It also helps a lot of people who suffer from very seriously stressful periods to better manage them.

I do agree that putting fake hormones into your body like that cannot be good as a long term practice and that it can mess with your system a great deal. I’m just not willing to curse them and dismiss them because they can be so helpful to so many.”

I completely agree with that statement. The Pill has played an important role in our society and it should still have a significant role. As I mentioned yesterday, the Pill just celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary and there is a very interesting article about it in this week’s TIME Magazine. The Pill has also helped women who suffer from debilitating cramps, PMDD, acne, and a whole variety of medical issues. Although not evidenced by yesterday’s comments (!) there are women out there who have had positive experiences while on the Pill. Which brings me to my next point…

If I had stopped taking the Pill three years ago, I would have been one of those women who sung the Pill’s praises. Unfortunately, the Pill “turned” on me and it became something I hated. If you’re having success on the Pill now, watch out because it could start to cause issues. Or not – we’re all different. If it’s working for you, just be aware and if it’s not, maybe it’s time to think of the alternatives. Also, if you’re like me and thinking about breeding, it might be a good idea to get off the Pill sooner than later to make sure there’s no setbacks, or to have the opportunity to address them if there are.

And my third and final point is: Why in the hell is the Pill so popular? The Family Awareness Method (FAM) is obviously not for everyone. When I was 19 and in college, there is NO WAY I could have successfully prevented pregnancy using that method. It’s just not practical for that lifestyle. It is, however, practical for me now – a 30 year old, mature (just go with it!) woman, in a committed relationship, with a supportive partner, who can wake up at the same time every day, and is comfortable touching her vajay-jay at times. I just wish, when I had gone to my doctor as a sexually active young woman, instead of him saying, “Here’s your prescription.” he would have said, “Here are your options.” Every form of birth control has it’s flaws and risks. Looking back, why wasn’t a copper IUD ever suggested for me? It seems like a great, non-hormonal alternative for a young woman. I would consider one now if I was looking for long-term contraception. I just think doctors are so quick to dispense the Pill since that’s what’s been the “norm” for so long.

It’s dialogue and open discussion, like this, that will make women question what is right for them instead of just going with what a trusted physician recommends. I would also encourage you to talk about all aspects of reproduction with your “real-life” friends 🙂 With my girlfriends, pretty much no topic is off limits, so when I have brought up TCOYF and the FAM, I shouldn’t have been, but I was surprised that nobody really knew that’s what our bodies were doing every month. It’s disappointing that we aren’t told to be more aware about our fertility and that we may even feel embarrassed when we do bring it up.

My last comment before moving on, Toni Weschler has a book geared towards teens – Cycle Savvy. I haven’t personally read it, so I can’t recommend it, but if it’s anything like TCOYF, I assume it should be a must-read for young women as well. If you have a younger sister, or family member, it might be something to check out.

Okay, on to more fun things, cuz periods are AWESOME, right?!

I had a date last night! A blind date! A few weeks ago, a reader and new blogger, Kilee, emailed me about where I bought my raw ingredients. She had just moved back to Oregon from Hawaii and needed some recommendations. Well, of course, the first thing I did was blog stalk her (duh!), and I was like, I have to meet this girl! She has a dehydrator, she has a juicer, she works out at my gym. Plus, one can not have too many friends, right?

Plans were arranged, and we met up at Blossoming Lotus – a popular vegan, mostly raw restaurant in town. I had been several times before (here, here, and here) but never at their new location in the Irvington neighborhood of NE Portland.

***Side note – I first went to Blossoming Lotus for brunch like five years ago and I had NEVER been to a vegan restaurant before. Obviously, they didn’t have cow’s milk so I had to get my chai with soy milk (the horror!) and I was so nervous about how it would taste. Of course I loved it. Also, I think I pussied out and got some safe dish like French Toast which is so easy to veganize – look how far I’ve come!***

Cocktails were had!


Lavender Lemon Drops – very refreshing and since I hadn’t had alcohol in a few days, made me quite the chatty Cathy – sorry Kilee!

For my entree, I ordered their Live Pizza:


From the website:  hempseed & basil pesto, cashew cheese and marinated vegetable topping on spiced tomato & walnut crust, served with a mixed green salad

It was fabulous and I am desperate to recreate the “crust” ASAP.

Here’s Kilee with her entree – she’s kind of like the Anti-Andrea – tall, blonde hair, blue eyes and absolutely gorgeous.


Kilee has a gluten allergy, so she ordered the Green Goddess Bowl: steamed kale, mixed greens, sprouts*, with avocado goddess sauce & roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette, topped with sesame seeds, served with a choice of brown rice or quinoa

And of course I ordered dessert – I don’t know the exact name, but it was a cacao/mint kream cake. Blossoming Lotus always has fantastic raw dessert options!


I was so full after this meal, but that’s what I love about raw foods – whenever I do eat a lot, I can feel stuffed, but never gross.

Kilee was such a sweetheart and brought me some ingredients I didn’t have at home to make a Butterfinger Protein Shake. I can not wait to try it, as well as her macaroon recipe, and of course I can’t wait to hang out again! Thanks so much Kilee for a fun night.

Ok, time for this monster post to end and make some dinner! I don’t know what I’m making yet, but maybe between now and the time I get home, I’ll be inspired.


9 responses to this post.

  1. mmmm live pizza! wish we had some rest.’s around here like that.


  2. How delicious does that live pizza look? YUM!


  3. I missed your post yesterday, but on that topic: the pill turned on me too. It was stellar from 18-27… then BAM one cycle, i was a raging bitch and couldn’t control my emotions. Switched to a different one, then another, all of them gave me panic attacks! FAM is fabulous for me right now… i just wish I trusted it more!

    As for your dinner: YUM!


  4. I love how raw foods make me feel too no matter how much I eat 🙂 the pizza looks devine!! yum we love raw desserts!!! especially mint and carob!


  5. I just found Kilee a couple days ago and love her!

    p.s. you are gorgeous too, my love


  6. I have heard that a lot of doctors won’t prescribe IUDs to women who haven’t had kids yet. I never considered an IUD so I am only relaying what friends have shared with me. I do wish there was more education given out and the topic was more openly discussed as opposed to being hush-hush and we can only talk about it in whispers! Unless men are going to joke around about PMS and then they are allowed to talk loudly and as much as they want. Um, and I guess that sort of turned into a mini rant. Sorry about that! :/

    Hooray for new blog friends! 😀


  7. Mmm live pizza sounds amazing!


  8. I am with you on the lack of discussion of options among (most) physicians. You’re having sex? Ok, here’s your perscription. The same thing happened when I mentioned I had been feeling what felt like minor depression– I was handed a prescription for an anti-anxiety pill and was out of the doctor’s office in less than 10 minutes. Luckily I’m not taking either anymore.

    That restaurant looks amazing. Your blog makes me think I could definitely live in Portland, no problem.


  9. How eerie to read your posts about birth control right now – I’ve been on the Pill since I was 19 (I’m 27) and it has always agreed with me, if such a thing is possible–I mean, I never noticed any side effects. But just now, in the past week or so, I’ve had full blown PMS and a monster period following it, which has never really happened in my years on the pill. Like, PMS to the point of uncontrollable meat and potatoes cravings (which is weird for me). Cramps, headaches, the whole thing. It is, how do you say, le SUCK. I hate the idea of supplementing these hormones just to avoid pregnancy and was considering going off it when I was with my bf and thought he was it for me, but actually, now that we’re broken up, I feel like I actually *should* stay on it, if only to avoid the on again off again pill-taking, assuming I’ll find another bf, god-willing… It’s the pits, and I sure am going to be keeping a hawk’s eye on these unpleasant side effects.


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